Monday, May 12, 2008

Glad to be going back to my home store

Over the weekend I was borrowed out to another store in my district to fill in for an employee who called out. What a nightmare. I always thought that my store was bad, but my store is a mere walk in the park compared to the one that I was borrowed out to. This store (which is now managed by my old manager, the one that hired me into the company) is a LOT crazier than my store. It's so incredibly busy there that I had a couple of hours straight of solid customers my first day there. Literally. I've never seen it so busy, even around the holidays, at least not for the photo lab! The store also gets WAY more thrashed than my store by the end of the night, too. It's horrible!

The customers themselves were mostly friendly, though. In fact not many people got upset or threw a fit there like at my store. But overall I'll take my store over that one any day. In fact I sent a message to one of my coworkers telling her that we were never allowed to say that our store was busy ever again, because I'd seen what busy really is, and it's at that store.

The second day there the photo printer didn't even have any power going to it! All cables were securely in place, I couldn't figure out what the problem was! I tried calling the store's head photo but couldn't get a hold of her. I then tried calling the tech support and stayed on hold for about 15 minutes before finally just leaving a message to have them call me back. It wasn't until a couple of hours later that they finally did, while I was on my lunch break, but luckily there was another photo specialist there to take the call. Turns out the problem was that the computer on the photo printer had entered into sleep mode, and the solution was to hold in a certain button near the circuit breaker for 5 seconds and then reboot the computer. Simple as that, and now we had MANY overdue orders to catch up on. Not a pretty sight. One customer did end up complaining about it to the point that the manager assured her that she could have her prints free of charge when they were ready. At least I'll know for next time how to resolve the problem of no power going to the photo printer's computer!

Anyway, very happy to be returning to my regular store today. I feel sorry for my old manager. He left a better store for a crazy and extremely busy one. I guess there's a lot of theft there, too. There's a lot of theft at my store, but this one I was borrowed out to actually has their own security guard! Wow.

Well, that's all I have for now. Until next time!

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