Monday, October 6, 2008

I (Finally) Got A Promotion!!!

This is one that's been a long time coming, and finally it's mine. Today was my first day training for my new job as SIMS Coordinator, replacing my old job of Photo Specialist at Walgreens. I will spend this week and next training at my current location before being transferred to another store, which is a brand new store that hasn't even opened yet. I'll be starting there on the 20th, with the grand opening not being until the 31st. Halloween day, but it's okay since it will be a morning shift.

Along with this promotion comes a very nice Monday through Friday schedule, with one 'late' day (usually Monday, but could be any if I choose, 'late' being something like 10 to 6:30) and then all morning shifts for the rest of the week (8 to 4:30 usually). A full 40 hour week and a raise to boot. Very nice!

The only downfall is that my wife (YES! You heard correctly, my WIFE! I got married on the morning of Monday, September 8, 2008, to my beautiful girlfriend [now wife obviously] Kassandre!) usually works late shifts, and usually works weekends, so it will put an unfortunate pinch on how much time we get to see each other. However we have been lucky enough to be getting at least one day a week off together (hoping trend will continue or improve) plus some mornings / evenings together. She plans to go back to school sometime soon and leave the retail scene behind her, which I'm sure would also give her a much more stable schedule than what she gets now.

Well after quite some time in hiatus from my blogging it's hard to say when I'll be back again. I had hoped to keep this a regular thing but obviously it hasn't been. lol.

Oh yea before I forget, in addition to the last two pieces of news, we also have a new kitten. His name if Frank, which is the name that he had at the animal shelter where we got him. It just kind of stuck. He's a little black cat, estimated to be about half a year old. We got him for Kassandre's birthday.

Anyway, that's all for now. Til next time!

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